We are past 1/102 of 2017. And here I am! Happy New Year!
Well, what do they say? It’s never too late!

2016 have been a good year. I decided to be conservative and not go with “great”, cause there’s always room for improvement. But I think most importantly 2016 have been a very important year for me personally.

I went for a holiday. Two holidays to be more precise, and if you know me well, that’s something to be recorded in the memoir.

It may not seem like so, but I regained my confidence and belief in things. And I guess it’s why things started working out for me. It also taught me to give, and while still think that I am not giving enough, I need to be in better control of my thoughts and emotions, so that I do not give beyond my real means.

I read a quote today, which prompt me to be here.

“Work should be in order to live. We don’t live in order to work. That shift in awareness is necessary.”
— Matthew Fox

It triggered something in me, and I realised I had been slowly making this shift in awareness, that we work to live. 2017 started pretty rocky for me, or rather, it was just a tsunami. Came straight in my face and whack, almost like it’s afraid I wouldn’t notice its arrival.

Every year, there’s always new stuff to look forward to, new experience, and renewed emotions. Looking forward to how the rest of 101/102 is going to be.

Life is such an adventure! till then~

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