Someone once share with me, that there are three things we all should do everyday.

We should do these everyday of our lives.
Number one is laugh. You should laugh everyday.
Number 2 is think. You should spend some time in thoughts.
And Number three is, you should have your emotions moved, be it happiness or joy.

Think about it, if you laugh, you think and you cry, that’s a heck of a day! Do that 7 days a week, you’re going to have something really special.

And yes indeed. I have been having something really special ever since.
Today, this person is the most important person in my life.

I used to have a blog at another address, i don’t know how long i can last and keep writing here! I didn’t thought of continuing at that blog or migrating over, cause i thought “heck, life have been so special, so beautiful since” i should have somewhere beautiful to keep writing!

fsimplicity doesn’t means fucking simple. it means simply, focus and simplicity. and if you guessed it, yup, this comes from one of the most inspiring man i ever knew, Steve Jobs. the only regret i have is not having such a chance to ever meet him in person.
I have a very clear focus ahead in life today. It’s complicated, yet simple. Well, simple is never easy anyway.

I hope i can continue to keep writing here, to share my ideas, my thoughts and perhaps my life too.

To end of, i will continue to laugh, to think and to have my emotions moved everyday.

26 June 2013. its been quite a while since this person have left me. she is still well & alive and seems to be doing really well, we just parted ways. i just feel happy for her, that she is happier now.
i really miss her, and perhaps one of the biggest contributing factor to why i will keep writing.

1 Oct 2013. keep writing. keep running. keep living. finding new meaning in life is always interested, exciting and refreshing. but to really understand this new meaning, to accept it, and to want to live with it for really really long is something else. and this, only time can tell. in some ways, i am still writing because of this girl. she left a mark in me that’s simply isn’t going to go away, and i know it and have come to accept it. it’s not a bad thing that i have to accept. but rather it’s part of my life, part of my history. and in many ways, i guess we are both happy or rather happier now. it’s all that matter actually šŸ™‚
writing today give me a space to express myself and learn to better express myself. to be true to myself and the people around me. and most importantly to make my words stick. today, i am living by this principle, say only what you can do. and if i said it, have faith in me i will stick to it. i guess there were too many people i disappointed, just don’t want history to have to repeat itself.

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