well pretty much sum up the best trip in a very very long time!

was just looking through my trip list.
been to sydney, beijing, taipei, surabaya, athens, surabaya, surabaya, hanoi, budapest, and finally kalibo in the last 30 months.
mostly for work. and nothing can beats this vacation to boracay. indeed the best few days i have for a really long while.

there’s 2 worlds on the tiny island of boracay.
the real one, and what’s build on it. and really sadly, the people there cannot afford what’s build there on their own island.

if you ask me comparatively, i will say that it’s a place worse than surabaya but prettier than athens and budapest combined. yup, it’s weird.
there’s some places i would love to go back again, and i would say boracay is now included in the list, after athens and budapest. although now i am not too sure about athens thou. hahaha

that aside, the last 18 months was really quite something. almost couldn’t believe the help and support i have received through this time.
what i can’t believe even more is how lucky i am along this time as i see more doors opening up. and then you start to realise actually all those doors have been there all the while. it’s really a matter of all the hard work of getting to that door and opening them. i really couldn’t express how grateful i am to all these doors i have today, and it really does bring many different perspective to me about life, love and finance. yup, really, through out of journey here on earth, this are the 3 things we are in a constant pursue for, somehow happiness fits in rather than been a pursue in life.

i am beginning to talk crap now. alright alright, i am backed to reality, and back to work! gosh! i spent the whole of today clearing emails, and i am not done yet!!!!

not exactly in the right mood set for work today. so how the heart is not around here today. so how, i want to go out to play.

truth is, such mood set will always come every once in a while. no one say good things is going to come easy.
well, i hit it late, and by all benchmark, very late, but i am really grateful i finally found the mark. to have something you know will work for as long as you keep working on it.

i am really looking forward to retiring in a few years.
not a full retirement, but well, like maybe 3 hours work every few days? that would be really nice.

for now, back to work for another hour before heading back home to rest, and the cycle continue.
it’s going to be a mad week. too many thing is going to happen, i know, all at the same time.

a bit late, but better than never, it’s still January anw! plus this year, we got 366 days to play with.

2015 was horrible! but thankfully, many good things happened and few things started flowing smooth. really grateful that 2015 eventually ended on a pretty good note. honestly, there’s nothing much in 2015 to share. hahaha it sounds really sad, but probably also because i am looking forward to 2016 and is already really excited about what’s to happen.

2016 started great! and really, everyday it’s just getting better. i vow to make right all i failed in 2015, and really, to make the hell of a fantastic year out of it.

actually i got nothing much to write. brain is just filled with all the datelines and stuff. but this quote inspired me to at least type something down, and so here it goes.

“Just as the constant increase of entropy is the basic law of the universe, so it is the basic law of life to be ever more highly structured and to struggle against entropy.”
– Vaclav Havel

traffic police or LTA, whoever those jokers are just installed hazard lights on the signage that says “Speed Camera Ahead”.
on top of that, they have painted the road with huge ass dangerously slippery “90” on every lane!

now, i believe this “initiative” to install hazard light is spearheaded by the Traffic Police Commissioner Sam Tee.
this is the same dude who says on air “That’s not an offence. The offence happens when the vehicle is in motion.”, when asked “If you’re stuck at a traffic light, red light, cars are not moving, and I pick up my phone and I answer a WhatsApp message, is that an offence?” by Muttons on Class 95.

let’s just put aside the point that it’s dangerous to be distracted when you are in your vehicle in on the road with its engine and look at the bloody stupid hazard lights, and bloody dangerously slippery huge ass redundant floor paint.
this commissioner really believe in deterrence and that it is his responsibility to do everything to make sure lesser driver are caught speeding so that he can present a lowest speeding tickets issued commissioner. the truth is, the problem of speeding and dangerous driving while speeding is not solved or deterred. it’s just moved to some where else.

honestly, i can catch the camera flashing light at least 10 times every week. i ride pass 2 speed camera twice a day, so that’s 4×7=28 times a week. and 10 is like a good 35%, and hey, i am at the area for a mere 10 seconds each time. so i can really imagine the number of speeding tickets really issued. but putting hazard lights at these signage is not the right thing to do at all. if people are speeding, they are speeding and ignoring all signages, they deserved to be fine and have their points deducted, period!

this TP is messed up. totally messed up. well, i just wasted 10 minutes of my time writing about how messed up TP is, and hey, i am definitely writing into TP to find out why they installed the hazard lights. really. ridiculous. you don’t make the road safer by telling people you are checking their speed. spare the rod, spoilt the child. you make the road safer by letting those reckless know that there are consequences, serious consequences.

now, on the very same note since it’s GE. i wanted to discuss as little politics as i can online, cause the world is filled with way too many trolls.

ok, so you see, we know the opposition sucks! but hey, we don’t want the PAP to get too good a mandate to make sure they are constantly on their toes. so we either don’t vote for PAP, we vote for the opposition or we spoil our vote. then i realise, we need to be voting for PAP. because every single vote the opposition gets, no matter how lousy and shitty and full of crap they are, they get this impression that people ARE voting for them!!!
and so imagine this, if PAP gets 99% of the votes (never going to happen thou), only then the opposition who contested there will know that, hey, i am really rubbish, i need to do something about this. then and only then will we get quality opposition! because only then are these oppositions not cowardies crap, but real people who know that they are not opposition for the sake of doing so, but make sure that the life of their residents get better, and that singapore grow.
bottomline, i decided, although the PAP in my constituency sucks, or rather, the PAP dude taking care of my town in the big GRC sucks, PAP you got my vote. simply because the opposition is worse. way worse, and i want my 1 vote to send the message that, opposition, if you ever want my vote again, improve and come ready.

gosh! half the year gone. like again. i realise i am always like depress about how time flies and usually how little i achieved.

well, it’s july! and i would be lying to say that i am not excited. haha but my my.. 30.

myself aside, there’s so much to look forward from all the people around me. life can going get more and more exciting!

on another note, my knee should be recovering soon, but let’s hope i can go get some sun sand sea very soon, haven’t feel any sea wave at all this year! desperately need to smell the sea. hahaha

ok, back to work.

what an adventure it have been lately! please please let there not be anymore :/

I am no wolverine and I no have super healing power. although that would probably means an even wilder life I would have! lol