cold turkey!


well pretty much sum up the best trip in a very very long time!

was just looking through my trip list.
been to sydney, beijing, taipei, surabaya, athens, surabaya, surabaya, hanoi, budapest, and finally kalibo in the last 30 months.
mostly for work. and nothing can beats this vacation to boracay. indeed the best few days i have for a really long while.

there’s 2 worlds on the tiny island of boracay.
the real one, and what’s build on it. and really sadly, the people there cannot afford what’s build there on their own island.

if you ask me comparatively, i will say that it’s a place worse than surabaya but prettier than athens and budapest combined. yup, it’s weird.
there’s some places i would love to go back again, and i would say boracay is now included in the list, after athens and budapest. although now i am not too sure about athens thou. hahaha

that aside, the last 18 months was really quite something. almost couldn’t believe the help and support i have received through this time.
what i can’t believe even more is how lucky i am along this time as i see more doors opening up. and then you start to realise actually all those doors have been there all the while. it’s really a matter of all the hard work of getting to that door and opening them. i really couldn’t express how grateful i am to all these doors i have today, and it really does bring many different perspective to me about life, love and finance. yup, really, through out of journey here on earth, this are the 3 things we are in a constant pursue for, somehow happiness fits in rather than been a pursue in life.

i am beginning to talk crap now. alright alright, i am backed to reality, and back to work! gosh! i spent the whole of today clearing emails, and i am not done yet!!!!

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