completely dumbfounded, to such extent, i don’t really know what’s there to write about!
every 10 tech news i read, at least 5 is about the iPhone 5 or the iOS 6. and of all the articles covering apple, pretty much all of them is cursing about Apple. slamming how bad the iPhone 5 is, how little innovation there is in this new iPhone, how the new map on iOS6 is shit, how Samsung have a better phone than Apple, on how easily you can scratch and damage your iPhone, on how apple is not meeting expectation despite selling 5 million iPhones in the launch weekend, and obviously, the list goes on.

What’s really funny is the comment. And i can’t believe how much hate you can find in these comments, and mostly, again if not all, coming from people who hardly use Apple’s product! Coming from people who take this opportunity to show off their Samsung or Android’s phone. Of those who are actual iPhone or Apple’s product user, cursing and swearing how Steve Job will never do this, how Tim Cook have screwed up and how they are going to switch to Samsung next.

It’s unbelievable!

To this sense, it goes to show how powerful media can actually be in screwing up people’s thoughts.
One biggest factor in mind, the Apple vs Samsung lawsuits. Apple win one case against Samsung in the US and we see news coverage on that going beyond a month. For all the case Samsung won against Apple? We don’t see people discussing about it 3 days later.

Screw lousy journalism!

Publish what’s real and not lousy article with juicy title baiting people to click! Yes, so Apple did not perform as expected on their Maps, but hey! why do Microsoft get only 6 hours of attention for their failure to deliver Windows 8. Why is there little or no article about “5 things user hate about Samsung S3”, “Samsung doomed to fail after new phone launch below expectation”, oh man! i can’t even continue on how crappy those headlines actually are!

Stop writing about Apple

If slamming is all you are going to do. Really, the android hate is disturbing enough. I really don’t need Samsung to insult me saying i am an ass for owning an iPhone through their insulting advert.

Samsung stop bitching

Really! Your own VP came out saying “look what happened to those who didn’t copy.”
So really, wake up and start some real innovation. Phone aside, i called for servicing twice! for my Samsung Smart TV, and i don’t know anyone whose owns a Samsung Smart TV and never had the need to call for servicing or replacement. EVERYONE I KNOW SHARE THE SAME LOUSY EXPERIENCE! And everyone i know have their TV serviced more than once in 2 years! Unbelievable! Just google “samsung tv auto restarts itself“.

Read something real!
one37 wrote about entitlement, that we are starting to take good things for granted! i cannot agree more.
john molts wrote about Perspective, it’s hard for me to disagree. not just as a apple fan, but a rational geek.

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