tonight meeting is probably the shittest one ever! fullstop.
it’s so bad i am actually offering them a thousand bucks to test my theory.
and to all those self-declared SEO marketing expert, social media expert or whatever shit expert who are giving INSPIRATIONAL conferences or seminars please fuck the hell off and stop misleading people into believing you shit. ugh! really freaking angry. all you do is give critic, provide myopic and stupid suggestions. and tell people how you make a million dollars doing all these stupid things. every time you open your mouth, a cat die.

ok, i may just delete everything i write above if i remember. damn pissed. hai.

work is just going exponentially crazy. i am not getting enough sleep every time i look at the code i wrote yesterday, i scream at myself for a while. what a crazy roller coaster week. can’t believe october is almost over, like what did i even do this month?

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