it was really just shit

i am trying to recall what happen today, and then i start to realise i wasn’t doing exactly the roles i am supposed to. i was like a crazy idiot going around making sure everyone got their things right, and it was shit someone else just have to come screw it up after you are gone.

i guess it’s really one of the happiest event for the runners, but it’s an absolute nightmare for me, i don’t even know if i will feel any different running, as a runner. everyone know they are inexperience, but no one is admitting it. everyone knows it’s a very different terrain and environment to handle, but very little people really care.

i don’t know if it’s a good thing that i didn’t bump into you today.. towards the end, i really just wasn’t in the mood, and all the happy people just make me feels really sad…. can’t believe i am so affected… ugh..

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