load of marketing crap

“we all know that you get penalise when you break the road rules. so why is it that when you obey them, you get nothing?”

“your safe driving can really pay off”

not that i got something against samsung. But this IS really bullshit. rewarding people with incentives like this when they drive safe is just not right.
Drivers are adults or young adults, and they are supposed to act and drive responsibly while on the road. Rewards or not, because driving dangerously cost life! Samsung approved to ramification, they can jolly well try going to a city of high crime and says, why is it that when you steal you get punished, but when you don’t you get nothing? or why is it when you are lazy at work you get punished, but when you work well you get nothing?

this anger me a lot! because safe driving is everything, and no one should ever need to be rewarded for driving safely.

Gamification is supposed to be applied on things or products where people need to be inspired on or to push to do something. Safe driving is a responsibility of every road user.

Can’t believe they are actually thinking of launching this worldwide. No, it doesn’t make the world a better place. Totally using technology the wrong way. Stupid marketing plot. Bye Samsung.

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