gosh! half the year gone. like again. i realise i am always like depress about how time flies and usually how little i achieved.

well, it’s july! and i would be lying to say that i am not excited. haha but my my.. 30.

myself aside, there’s so much to look forward from all the people around me. life can going get more and more exciting!

on another note, my knee should be recovering soon, but let’s hope i can go get some sun sand sea very soon, haven’t feel any sea wave at all this year! desperately need to smell the sea. hahaha

ok, back to work.

what an adventure it have been lately! please please let there not be anymore :/

I am no wolverine and I no have super healing power. although that would probably means an even wilder life I would have! lol

it’s my first implant in my entire body. and god do i pray that it’s the last too!

gosh. horrible experience, i was freaking out while waiting for the room to be ready, and was still undecided between root canal or implement.
it’s too late to regret after the tooth is out. but looking at the near crown-less tooth, this is perhaps my best option too.

the screw is nicely set! it’s surprisingly easy leh. lol like i just got one more visit to remove the stitches, one more to take impression, then one more to set the crown.

ok everyone, please drink more water and brush your teeth after every meal!

death is always a sad and depressing thing.

it’s worse when the prognosis is that there’s nothing you can do and that it’s dying.

the only thing i can do is to pull the cord.

yup, and so the dentist say, your teeth is dying.
the first thing that come to mind was like omg, u mean i have to do root canal!? then the even more dramatic news come that my teeth is no longer suitable for root canal, although i can still try. it’s simply because and very sadly, i don’t have much teeth left there….

implant… oh man. just let me be, while i depress myself into reviving my teeth with some super powerful miracle when i go sit in the emo corner.

ok, fine, emo over. life goes on. implant that is.

my body clock seems to have only one direction. Europe timing was perfect. now moving on, I think it’s turned to New York time now. totally screwed.

seriously need to get it back to SGT now. like that meeting at 9am how.. 

its like the billion dollar question. 

lately, it’s work crazy. there’s so much things to do I go into office everyday feeling pretty lost not knowing where to start. my next day todo are getting useless because things just flood in before anything is really done.

I guess I am inspired by madness. I know for a fact, I am inspired by great products, by producing things I can feel proud of myself. 

we are almost half way through 2015. and looking back, everyday I am reminding myself, I need to achieve 10 times more for the next 6 months, what I did for the last 12. 

I know that I can do it. I simply just need to do it. jiayou! you will.