and so it begins

i did my first tandem skydive on 9 March 2014, with that it marks the beginning of my journey to Class D.
it’s pretty much like, after taking up motorcycle license, i am embarking to complete all motor vehicle licenses, car, bus, truck, crane, yacht, speed boat and well, it time and health allows, plane.

And so, here’s the list of courses i have to finish

1. Accelerated Free Fall
AFF consist of class time and i will need to complete about 7 to 10 jumps. With this, i will be able to jump by myself.

2. Class ‘A’ License
Do about 15 to 25 jumps, with that, i must be able to jump without supervision, pack my own main parachute and engage in basic ground jump and perform water jump.

3. Class ‘B’ License
Complete at least 50 jumped and landing 10 metres within target for at least 10 jumps, i should also be able to perform manoeuvres in free fall!

4. Class ‘C’ License
Complete 200 jumps and 60 minutes of controlled free fall.
Land within 2 metres of target centre on 25 jumps, and perform back flip in free fall.

5. Class ‘D’ License
Complete at least 500 jumps with 3 hours of controlled free fall, with 2 night jump having at least 20 seconds of free fall.

WOW! how am i suppose to even get my Class ‘D’ license and still have a life!! hahaha. i should slowly work that out. definitely late to the game already. so well, yeah, i am gonna have to start really soon. AFF here i come!

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