when i realise may is coming, i can’t help but try to determine how april fast or slow went, and i realise i am undecided.
this is definitely one of the most productive month. been to too many places and spent too much money. seen so much, and have so much thoughts that i want to write here, but haven’t find the time to. yes, this place really isn’t my priority, but it’s really a nice place for me to come and just pour some thoughts.

well, this i must write now. haha i have my first real accident on the expressway. full stop.
the things that was going through my mind right after the hit was insane, there’s so much going through and my instinct was like, forget everything and get the hell off the road!.. healing my right ankle sprain now, a very bad sprain. was so happy and lucky that i didn’t fracture any bones. i was totally chanting sprain throughout my wait for the x-ray and consultation. apparently chanting enough works…

k that’s all for now. i really need to let me body rest, cause i suspect my body is undecided between healing my ankle or my horrible flu, and with this two combined, how can the fever not come out along to play?

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