very very confused. to a huge extend, i am feeling extremely lost. it’s not a maze kind of lost, but just the kind of feeling, where you feel lost walking on a straight road, where the only direction you can go is, straight.

life have been crazy, and this is how aug is going to look:
– pass my practical evaluation to be ready for bike TP
– complete 1 web store site
– complete 5 web design and development site
– continuous managing of a pro-bono project
– running 16.8km
– then making sure smooth execution of 2 runs (feeling really exciting but same time constantly freaking out about it)
– deliver and close a huge portal development

and perhaps to stop drinking, or maybe start drinking less? my mum is starting to call me an alcoholic! lol

quite keen to go back for windsurfing again, but somewhat broken between going back for a 2 star refresher kayaking course before going for 3 stars, get serious into climbing, windsurfing or trekking. walking have never been so attractive before, but somehow, i just feels happy just walking, keep walking.. a really crazy thought, but i feel like walking to KL! i however, have to really start looking after my knees, it’s the weakest link in my body, besides the lungs.

ok, back to serious work man.

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