looking ahead


went riding round the city this evening. going round and round, and see how the landscape changes as the sun sets.

these few weeks haven been devastating. when they say you learn from your failure, they sure wasn’t joking, because I really learnt a lot within this short time period. I keep looking back, and kept thinking about what happened, what that have been happening, and that how we eventually came to what happened today. am at a point where I can say, admitting failure is not the hardest part, but how you move on from there that’s really the toughest.

have been spending a lot of time thinking about the future. but nothing is gelling up well yet. and come monday, I have to deliver the news I believe anyone in any organization hates to do the most. haven’t really decided on how it is to be done.

in this short period of time, I dare says I had learnt so much, so so much about the entire life cycle of a company.

picking myself backed up. life goes on. it can and will only get better. I am a optimist. shouldn’t let situation force me to be otherwise.

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