my generation is messed up

very bad move to take a break from my codes to ready some news.

so here’s what happened. a 16 years old posted some offensive video online. many people found it offensive to the extend that they made a police report. this boy is eventually charged and was on bail. during his bail period, his bail conditions changed, and as such, the parents have refused to bail their own son.
and so, this boy is now in remand, or as everyone else like to put it, In Jail.

there’s a lot of nonsense by this certain somebody saying that he is showing his support for him, and want to help get him out of jail. but simply refused to bail him out himself too cause he find the bail conditions unreasonable.

this is the condition he find unreasonable, “He was not allowed to post or comment on anything, either directly or indirectly, otherwise his bailer would have to pay the $20,000.” honestly!?! to put in context, if an individual is charge for thief. i am sure the bail condition will include that he do not steal during his bail period. As simple as that. This is not unreasonable at all if you ask me. They just don’t want to complicate the case further.

now why do i feel that my generation is messed up?
well, everyone have their opinion about everything, and they see the need to voice it out. this is only natural.
but with the simplicity of doing given the connectivity of the internet, many are doing so without proper consideration of why certain things and done and detail background information.
government implement something new. it maybe good to some individual, it maybe useless to some, and it may harm some. but if i am anti government, it’s automatically bad. and if i am pro government, it’s automatically good.
and it goes down to everything else in life, if a private company messed up, it’s the government’s fault.
if you don’t do well in life, it’s the government’s fault. if you can’t have babies, it’s the government’s fault.
gosh, what sad society are we living in today? can’t imagine if singapore experience a natural calamity one day and instead of coming together to help each other through it, we may probably just see the society blaming the government or even saying things like “it’s a sign from up there telling the government to quit”. how imaginable.

life definitely need more positivity than this. this society definitely need more positivity than this.

ok. now back to my codes.

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