I am backed! Hahaha but mostly cause I am very annoyed with what I just read and what I know that group is trying to campaign for.

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On privilege: Saying the unsaid behind Schooling’s historic victory

Seriously! We have entered a generation where discussion of achievement is no longer about the hard work one have put in. The number of sacrifices one have to give up for. their discipline to make things happen etc. it’s about having a privileged background. Now, what kind of rubbish generation are we getting ourself into?

I can’t pinpoint exactly when but it’s definitely some point in my poly days, when I made this realisation, that if I want to be somebody and if I want to achieve something, nothing is going to stop me. The lack of this and that are all just excuses we give ourself for an easy way out. I am not an Olympics gold medalist because my parents are not rich enough to support my 1.5 million dollars training fees is probably the biggest bullshit that can come out of anyone mouth. But sadly, we hear things like this on a day to day basis. With blogs and media (social or mainstream), making it ok to believe that your failure is because of the lack of support and not because you want it enough.

There’s this video about success which continues to inspire me, which continue to remind me that I am lazy and just making excuses for myself whenever things don’t work out my way. And the narrative goes something like this. A disciple approaches a master and say that he wants to be very successful. The master asks the disciple to meet him at the beach the next day. Come that day, the master hold and hand of his disciple and the walked into the open sea. They kept walking until waves are splashing into their faces, and that’s when the master forced the disciple head into the water and held it there. The disciple obviously confused struggle and eventually forced his way out of the master’s grip. He ran all the way back to shore, frustrated and angry. He shouted very fiercely at the master that he was only seeking for advise from the master on how to become successful. What was that for?

The master questioned back. When you were under water and gasping for air, what were your first thoughts? To grasp for air to survive? The disciple nodded. The master continue, were you trying everything to break free of my grasp to get back ashore? The disciple nodded.

Then the master said. Now young man, if you want to be successful in anything like how you wanted to get out of my grasp, how you wanted to break free for air, for everything you do. You will turn out to be one fine man. definitely.

So what have all these got to do with privileges? Well to begin with privileges don’t just pop out from nowhere. Someone have to do all the hard work! A son of the first emperor wouldn’t have become the son of the first emperor if his father did not fight and won all the battles he fought. It’s really as simple as that. And when you ask questions like this, I am not from the rich family, how you expect me to do this? Ask yourself this question instead.

how can I make sure my descendants get to enjoy the privileges I did not. or how can my descendants do better with the little nudge you prepare for them.

and so really. this is the biggest bullshit in our society today. Yes, the black maybe underprivileged in Americans, and they may still be. But if not for people like Martin Luther King Jr., will you still be discussing about privileges? If not for people like Mahatma Gandhi who “fought” for his nation, where will India be today?

Let’s face it people. The world is never fair. And when you become rich and powerful, don’t be a hypocrite, please distribute your well to the poor. You don’t need a yacht or private jet. You don’t need first class treatments or that big fancy house. Sadly, this is the hard truth which this privileged generation refuse to accept.

Alright, all rants and no fun make me a horrible boy. That’s all for today! I should come in for more beautiful things more often. Sometimes the fingers are just so lazy to even type. But well, some bullshit need to be set straight!

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