Scars remind us where we have been, but they don’t have to dictate where we go.

i can’t agree with this more.

some how this quote means more to me than many of the quotes i have hear on criminal minds. this serial is amazing! they usually start or end each episode with a quote, and very good quote, always relating to well to the story.

and well, this quote struck me to want to write something down.
have started this blog for quite sometime, but haven yet find that single right moment to write something down. maybe it’s now, so let’s try.

my life is in a mess now!
i am not sure to say if it’s a beautiful mess or an ugly one. but it’s definitely in a mess and there is really many things i have to set straight or make right.

many things are going well for me. sometimes too many it really overwhelms me.
many challenges ahead. mentally, physically and technically. i hope i can overcome them all with ease, and that these walls there not to let it bring me down, but for me to grow stronger.

my mbp with retina display is coming in on monday. it’s like a milestone in life, a new MacBook Pro! hahaha. as much as i look forward to a brand new laptop, i can sense the feeling and anticipation changed. it’s no longer that kind of “YAYYY, MY NEW TOY IS COMING!!” kind of anticipation. it’s just like, “DELIVER IT ALREADY SO I CAN GET MORE WORK DONE FASTER!”. hahaha, i guess growing up sucks. sometimes.

to end with a quote.

Because after every storm, there’s always a rainbow somewhere out there.

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