crazy weekend

i was supposed to be there for future music festival only. turn out, the sky diving took all the highlight away.

the free falling, and the view over 10 thousand feet up is simply fabulous. it’s so awesome, i am planning to get certified! and of course this simply extends my bucket list. i now want to make sure i dive in all the major countries and cities!
the moment the parachute opens and you just start drifting.. the moment when you land and feel ground again. and of course, the crazy moment when your instructor just pop you out of the plane without any warning at all. i totally can’t wait to do it again and again and again.

today, i got the best quote of the week from #swtichatbirth:

if it’s adventure you want, it’s adventure you get.

work is and will forever be crazy. there’s no such thing as a perfect day at work, let’s be realistic. but i know for sure, that there’s always ways to make life perfect. there’s simply too many things i want to do and also too many things i need to get done. i just realise today that i lost my favourite hi card number ): 9-one-two-three-four-080 no longer belong to me… with the $100 credits along with it. emo max. and it’s more than 2 months pass it’s expiry. i used to top it up weeks before it expire.

and then i realise, there’s simply more important things in life to pursue, instead of taking note to constantly renew a favourite number. sometimes, we really have to just prioritise thing and choose the things you want to do, and people you want in your life.

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