It’s July 2013. It isn’t exactly a sudden decision to maintain a bucket list, but rather i have been procrastinating too much.
Eventually, i thought that i ought to take on my life, start charting my path, and keep going. I will strike items off as i achieve them, and keep growing this list as my life adventure continues. This list is really small now, but i got a feeling it will grow very fast, very quickly!

1. Complete a Marathon in under 6 hours
2. Own a BMW K 1300 S Motorbike
3. Own a BMW 6 Series
4. Own a Yacht
5. Spend a good 8 to 12 months travelling Northern America and Europe
6. Watch the Northern Lights at Finland, Alaska, Scotland, Greenland, Iceland & Russia
7. Build & Maintain at least one free school in each of the World Continent
8. Issue US$200,000 worth of bursary yearly
9. Issue US$500,000 worth of bursary yearly
10. Issue US$1M worth of bursary yearly
11. Issue US$5M worth of bursary yearly
12. Own a Penthouse in Singapore, New York, London & Sydney
13. Skydiving 2014, 9 March
14. Open a restaurant
15. Go Antarctic to see penguins
16. Get Skydiving Class D License
17. Skydive in the following countries or cities, Sydney, Perth, Wollongong, Brisbane, Auckland, Gold Coast, Denmark, London, Switzerland, Russia, Norway, Philippines, Bahamas, Quebec, Vancouver, California, Mississippi, New York, Nevada, Dubai, China, Tokyo, Malaysia.

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